We help business owners and CEOs grow and develop
their businesses to realise their true potential.

We invest our time, skills and resources to be the only business development
agency in Africa by using our proven processes and principles to grow and
develop our client's businesses.


QBA adds extra dimensions to your business development activities by investing our time in anchor meetings, workshops, systemisation and improving business workflows to grow your sales.


Our wealth of business development experience, as well as our proven tools
and techniques, enables us to find ways
to increase your gross profit
while reducing your costs.


We work with you to formulate a strategic business plan that is consistent with current economic principles, thereby ensuring sustainable competitive advantage and maximising net profit.

Unlock your potential; grow your business

The lifeblood of any business is sales and subsequent profit. However, the challenge is keeping sales staff supplied with a constant stream of qualified prospects in your most profitable target markets. Quantum Business Africa (QBA) is a business development agency which acts as a catalyst for the growth and development of your business.

QBA is a business development agency that offers strategic business development guidance and sales and marketing consulting to entrepreneurs and CEOs of businesses within sub-Saharan Africa.

Our impact on increased sales and improved profitability is based on applying the Seven Quantum Keys:

  Sustained Lead Generation (Over 110 Methods)
  Improve Sales Conversion Rate (Over 63 Methods)
  Expand Transaction Value per Customer (Over 53 Methods)
  Increase Frequency of Purchase by Customers (Over 55 Methods)
  Boost the Number of Referrals from Customers (Over 57 Methods)
  Increase the Lifetime Value of Customers (Over 38 Methods)
  Improve Profit Margins (Over 68 Methods)

QBA also applies 42 business principles that can be activated across those seven keys, which enable us to develop a coherent and workable business or industry-specific plan for growth. The goal is to provide a tiered consultancy approach that advises companies on their expansion strategy at board level, develops a methodology to implement the next growth phase, and then provides the tools and insights needed to successfully carry out the expansion.

The next step
Now you know a little about the Seven Quantum Keys and what they can achieve for you. We therefore have to convince you to take the next step. What is the next step? We simply want to come and meet you. We'd like to discuss in further detail what results the Seven Quantum Keys could bring you and your company. Hopefully what we're about to tell you will help us achieve this goal...

Our business model can only succeed if your business does. This is because we operate on what is known as a cost-recovery model. This provides you with access to our time, skills and resources at cost-price. The upside for us comes when our efforts succeed in transforming the profitability of your business and then we ask for a small slice of that increased profit for a limited period. It's what we like to call a win-win.

Contact Quantum Business Africa now to embark on your journey with the Seven Quantum Keys.

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