About QBA


QBA is a business development agency. We help entrepreneurs and CEOs grow and develop their business ventures, thereby realising their true potential.


We take economic and business theory and apply it in practical terms by helping our customers to implement the resulting strategic business plan over a period of time.


QBA comes to you, wherever you may be in southern or South Africa. We work with you and your staff in your normal working environment and apply our considerable resources to identifying and isolating new target markets and guiding your business in the direction you would like it to go.


When you are ready, we have a structured project plan with over 300 tasks that can start at any time, once the necessary background work has been completed. 



Give us a call and we’ll do a business assessment to establish possible synergy between our two organisations. We then embark on a customised comprehensive business growth programme. Together we develop the strategic business plan and then drive the compilation of a marketing action plan, develop a company-specific marketing and sales manual, conceive lead-generation campaigns and produce the marketing and sales collateral required to support these activities.

We follow the principle of a weekly cycle where we review what was done in the past week, address issues and opportunities that arose, and plan actions for the following week. We also facilitate the development of in-house mentoring programmes and skills.

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    Speak to one of our business development experts on +27 82 780 4088 or +27 10 215 0119 or drop us an email on enquiries@quantumbusinessafrica.co.za.
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